Digital Product Download FAQ

Digital products are non-refundable.  In order to receive instant access you must be logged into your account.


Unless otherwise stated in the product description, Audiobook purchases include a ZIP file containing MP3s for every main chapter/section in the book, PDF purchases include the indicated PDF file and eBook purchases include the following formats:

  • MOBI or KPF (for Amazon Kindle readers)
  • EPUB (for most other eBook readers) 

ARE THE FILES MINE TO KEEP FOREVER?  All downloadable products purchased from are yours to keep, forever. Simply retain a copy of the file in your personal data storage - and feel free to transfer copies of the file to your preferred devices and applications.

Your downloadable product's file(s) will remain available in perpetuity via your Order History in the My Account portal on However, if the product is discontinued for any reason whatsoever - at the sole discretion of TAN Books - the files may no longer be accessible via your My Account portal. In this event, please reach out to for further assistance. Or Chat Us Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm EST & Friday 10am-12pm EST.

WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD MY FILES?  There are three places from which you can access your Download links:

  1. Your Order Confirmation page, immediately after purchase. Click “My Downloads”.

  2. Your Order Confirmation email. Click “My Downloads”.

  3. Your “My Account”. Login to Click the silhouette icon in the top-right corner of the website. Select “Orders”. Choose the Order containing your downloadable purchase. Click the Download button (ie. down arrow) located on the product image.

Once you are on the Downloads page for your product, simply click the link for the file(s) you wish to download.

CAN I DOWNLOAD THE FILES DIRECTLY TO MY DEVICE?  Yes, you can download the files directly to your device. However, depending on your device, it may be desirable to download them to your computer first. Different reading and listening applications have different requirements for how to open an eBook or audiobook on your device. You may need to take additional steps to open the file on your device, once it has been downloaded from our store. Please see below for more information.

HOW DO I OPEN EBOOK AND AUDIOBOOK FILES ON MY DEVICE?  There are many ways, and it depends on what particular device and/or application you use (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc). For your convenience, here are some links that may prove helpful:

If the above links do not satisfy your circumstances, please refer to your device’s User Manual/Documentation, or the websites of the device manufacturer or application you wish to use. You can also try a Google search for your device name/model, the product type you purchased, and the term ‘sideload instructions’. For example: “Samsung Galaxy S8 eBook sideload instructions” or “iPhone 11 audiobook sideload instructions”. The instructions for your particular device are usually available within the first page of results.