The Desecrators: Defeating the Cancel Culture Mob and Reclaiming One Nation Under God

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The enemy is no longer hidden in the dark but instead operates in broad daylight. Its attacks on Americans are clear and intensifying: cancel culture, wokeness, public shaming, urban violence, “whiteness,” and critical race theory. The enemy also seeks to undermine the sacredness of human life, failing to provide basic protection for the lives of the unborn.

This enemy is called the Desecrators. The Desecrators tear down not only monuments but human nature, the biblical-natural conception of marriage, the family, parental rights, fact-based education, traditional moral values, and the Church. The Desecrators are taking over the media, publishing, educational institutions, corporate boards, labor unions, amateur and professional sports, foundations, and professional associations ranging from the American Medical Association to the Chamber of Commerce. They leave nothing untouched.

In this powerfully provocative book, Matt Schlapp and Deal W. Hudson provide firsthand accounts of the Desecrators’ actions and intentions, including their remarkably angry and uncharitable treatment of President Donald Trump, which Hudson and Schlapp uniquely observed. The authors also describe how Catholics have been stifled for years because many bishops have failed to confront pro-abortion Catholic politicians. But fortunately, there is hope. As Hudson and Schlapp lay bare the Desecrators’ path of destruction, they also lay out a plan for the faithful to turn things around.

Here is a book that will embolden all people of faith and good will to make their voices heard once again in the public square and political realm by countering the enemy with reason, faith, and hope. Here is a vision to build up rather than tear down.

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7 Reviews

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    Don’t be fooled!

    Posted by George Robillard on Nov 4th 2023

    This is a book which spells out the extreme left strategy perpetrated to undermine your rights and freedoms. It is an attempt to remove your rights and freedoms and replace it with government sponsored (and in some cases mandated) indoctrination. Please read this book and teach your children to reject this anti-God, anti-American, propaganda before it’s too late. I’m afraid that we’ may have seen the last true American president unless we can return to the freedoms and values that our forefathers intended for us. This book will tell you what we all must do now to turn the tide of extreme left wing control.

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    The desecrators

    Posted by Wilfred Horton on Sep 4th 2023

    Very informative. Needed especially with a presidential election coming up

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    Must read!

    Posted by George on May 24th 2023

    Few books are as timely and compelling as The Desecrators. The authors remind us that "We exist at this time for a reason. " There is a path to reclaiming the America we love and have died for! There is a path to ending not only the desecration of our statues, but also our history, traditions, and values. This book exposes the desecrators while providing hope that America can return to ONE NATION UNDER GOD! But it will require brave heroes and patriots!

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    End the Desecration

    Posted by Brandon S. on May 24th 2023

    This book is so needed now. The deadly plague of Marxism has taken over America. The writing is on the wall: wokeness, critical race theory, the desecration of statues and rioting, the attacks on marriage and the family. The future of our great nation is at stake. Schlapp and Hudson clearly identify these threats and provide concrete solutions to countering the enemies that seek to ruin our beloved America.

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    Must Read

    Posted by ED G. on Dec 4th 2022

    Great description of present day issues/problems. A wake up call for all to respond and to let our voices be heard.

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    Very good book on what

    Posted by Betty Z. on Mar 21st 2022

    Very good book on what is going on in todays world.

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    The Desecrators

    Posted by DONNA B. on Mar 19th 2022

    Excellent book. Highly recommend this book to all conservatives christian and non-christians.