Commentary on the Book of Isaiah: An In-Depth Look at the Gospel of the Old Testament (eBook)

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In Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.'s new book, Commentary on the Book of Isaiah, the prolific Scripture scholar unpacks the mysteries contained in this prophetic book to guide Catholics on a path of sanctity.

Isaiah is undoubtedly the greatest prophet in the Old Testament. The name Isaiah means ‘God is Salvation’ which points to the main theme throughout the book. God has come to save his people and this message is what makes Isaiah a book for every Catholic to read, understand, and meditate.

However, reading the Book of Isaiah is not always clear and straightforward. This commentary organizes the events and prophecies in chronological history to help the reader grasp all the grace and messages this beautiful book has to offer. This book can help us in our understanding of our faith as it traces the themes of the oneness of God, his perfections reflected in Creation, God’s punishment, the remnant, and the sending of a Messiah.


“After the Psalms, Isaiah has been the most influential Old Testament book in the history of the Church, making a disproportionate impact on her liturgy and theology. Given how much the lectionary dwells on Isaiah (more than Mark!), it is a treasure to have this well-researched guide from Fr. Mitch Pacwa, which combines highly detailed explanations of the history and language of the book with a lively concern for its spiritual application.”

—Dr. John Bergsma, Professor and scripture scholar, author of A Catholic Introduction to the

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Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.