The Visions of Saint Frances of Rome: Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven Revealed (eBook)

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“As for me, I’d begun my reading about the torments of the damned seen by Saint Frances of Rome; it makes me tremble. I don’t like this kind of reading material, but it can be very beneficial. I talked to your father about it all morning, and he wanted to take the book to his Pavilion.”   

—St. Zélie Martin

Learn from one of the Church’s great mystics, Saint Frances of Rome. In this book, she narrates her visions to her spiritual director, Canon Giovanni Matteoni. He records her visions of the geography of hell and the state of limbo. She describes the punishments for various sins such as perverts, usurers, blasphemers, traitors, murderers, apostates, schismatics, incestuous people, witches and more. She also talks about the particular torments due to the seven deadly sins and the punishments for theft, dishonoring parents, breaking vows of chastity and selling daughters into prostitution.

In addition to these visions of hell, Saint Frances also shares her visions of purgatory and heaven. She talks about the condition of souls in purgatory and the glories of heaven and so much more. Her visions will provide you with rich meditations on the realities of the Four Last Things.