Freemasonry (eBook)

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The Church has faced many threats in her lifetime, from both within and without. In the last two hundred plus years, however, one threat in particular has posed the most insidious trials for Holy Mother Church: Freemasonry. This shadowy, secretive organization appears in modern times to be little more than a country club, and yet in fact it has been the spearhead of a diabolical policy of secularism, irreligion, and atheism for generations now, exerting great influence in politics and civil society.

Freemasonry by Br. Charles Maddon, O.F.M. Conv., covers the hidden, divisive, and profoundly deicidal and anti-Christic agenda of the Freemasons and masonic movements throughout the past centuries. Quoting Leo XIII's encyclical Humanum Genus (1884), this book proves that Freemasonry remains a significant danger to Catholicism today. Also provided are current magisterial statements affirming the condemnation of Freemasonry and all it stands for, as well as forbidding all entry into this dangerous and diabolical cult.

This second edition includes chapters on the relationship between the Masons and the mafia and a ceremony of the "30th degree" of Freemasonry that involves trampling on the papal tiara. All Catholics need to know the evils of this ideology and how deeply, utterly it despises Our Lord and His Holy Church.