Prayers and Heavenly Promises (MP3 Audio Download)

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Saint Bridget of Sweden was one of the most privileged mystics in the history of the Church. Born to a wealthy family, she was given in marriage to a pious and good-hearted nobleman, with whom she raised eight children, including the future Saint Catherine of Sweden.  When her husband died, Bridget founded an order of nuns, the Order of the Most Holy Savior, more commonly called the Bridgettines. She labored until her death to spread her order and boost morality and devotion in the decadent 14th-century Church. She also labored to bring the papacy back to Rome from Avignon. In all her efforts, she was wise, charitable, and outstanding in sanctity.

Devout from a young age, Saint Bridget also received numerous visions of Our Lord and Our Lady, including intimate details of Our Lady's early life, the Holy Family in Nazareth, and the Passion, as well as prayers the famous 15 Prayers attributed to her, popular devotions in the late Middle Ages and our own era. The Magnificent Prayers of Saint Bridget of Sweden collects these prayers and presents them for the modern devotee.

Do not miss these stirring and vivid prayers from one of the greatest foundresses and mystics of the Church's history. Imbued throughout St. Bridget's life, and thus these prayers of hers, is the undeniable spirit of piety, devotion, and saintliness that characterized her earthly life—and by which she merited to become privy to sublime mysteries. Let, then, her insights penetrate you through the recitation of these meditative orations.