Saint Dominic's Family (eBook)

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Pious tradition relates the story of St. Dominic's vision of the future of his order. One night, deep in prayer, he was granted a vision of the heavenly court, and the walls of Eternity parted to reveal Our Lord and Our Lady.  Suddenly, Dominic began to weep.

When the Lord asked him why he could be so sorrowful, St. Dominic replied that, although he could see so many members of other orders in heaven, he could find not one Dominican. Ever mirthful, Our Lord then indicated his Mother, saying that the order was in her care. At this, Our Lady raised her mantle and spread it wide, revealing a host of Dominicans so vast it seemed to fill the entire heavenly court. And so it is within the pages of St. Dominic's Family: 335 biographies of famous and holy Dominicans, including:

  • Hyacinth of Poland
  • Catherine of Siena
  • Albert the Great
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Vincent Ferrer
  • Rose of Lima
  • Martin de Porres
  • Pius V

But that is not all, for author Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P., has not only gathered the order's canonized saints, but many other holy and pious disciples of Dominic—priests, nuns and Third Order members—all the way from St. Dominic himself (1170–1221) to Gerald Vann (1906–1963), arranged century by century. Without a doubt one of the greatest orders in the history of the Church, the Dominican family is full of heroes and heroines of Christ. Here contained are their lives, as well as miracles, visions, and martyrdoms. This compendium of lives of the Hounds of the Lord belongs in every Catholic's hands—with over 300 new intercessors to meet, who could disagree?

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