Sex Education: The Final Plague (eBook)

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Throughout the second half of the 20th century, a disastrous plague has broken out and spread throughout all of the civilized world, a plague that affects the minds and souls of our civilization's most priceless treasure: the young. Our culture, so deeply formed and contingent upon the values held by the young, has already seen the sexuality and sexual morals of three generations marred, scarred, and warped beyond recognition so that they behave according to nearly opposite values of their great-grandparents. From shameless indulgence of isolated and isolating pornography and masturbation; to rampant immodesty in dress; to fornication throughout high-schools, colleges, and beyond; "rape culture" on campus; and to the sexual deviations of the last 20 years, our "culture" is thoroughly soaked in sin.

In Sex Education: The Final Plague, Randy Engel does what she can to isolate the contagion and show us how to purge our society of its effects, even as the damage seems already nearly insurmountable. With solid, evidence-based argumentation and indisputable facts and numbers, she demonstrates:

  • Why classroom sex education is always wrong and always harmful,
  • How it destroys modesty and awakens early and excessive passions,
  • How it promotes sexual activity and fosters promiscuity and acceptance of sexual sins,
  • And more . . .

In addition, Engel discloses who is behind the promotion of sexual-education ideologies, so-called "Comprehensive Sex Education," and the panoply of ghastly deformations of conscience peddled in schools throughout the West. A hint: it's the people at the top of the food chain—all of them, and with full intent. Finally, Engel provides the Church's position that the education of children in sexual morality belongs squarely with parents as a right and duty. Though this can be delegated to competent moral authorities to teach, it can never be usurped by any actor, least of all the state! Here is a must-have for priests, formators of youth, teachers, and parents to understand just how dark our present miasma has become and how to take shelter.

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