Surprised by Truth (MP3 Audio Download)

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Here is the smash-hit international bestseller, edited by Patrick Madrid, all about the One, True, Catholic Faith! Dramatic, witty, touching, moving, and wholly unexpected, Surprised by Truth contains the stories of 11 converts about their personal journey to the Roman Catholic Church. Their deeply personal conversion accounts are unlike any others you've ever read before. Packed with biblical, theological, and historical arguments for Catholicism, these stories will both confirm you in your own Faith and teach you to rejoice in the magnificence of the Holy Church—and if you're not Catholic, you probably will want to be after reading!

Featured in these pages are testimonies from:

  • Paul Thigpen,
  • Marcus Grodi,
  • James Akin,
  • Steve Wood,
  • Bob Sungenis,
  • Julie Swenson,
  • Rick Conason,
  • L. Frazier,
  • Tim Staples,
  • Dave Armstrong, and
  • Al Kresta

Intellectually undergirded and yet remarkably down to earth, these stories will warm your heart with the fire of the Holy Spirit and maybe even teach you a thing or two you didn't know before! Each year thousands of atheists, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, and Pentecostals are being surprised by Catholic truth—and these converts tell you why.


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