Theology of Home II (eBook)

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“The clarion call of the Christian is to right an upside down world through the servant leadership introduced to us by God himself.” (Page 32) 

If you loved the first installment of Theology of Home or are looking to learn more about the art of homemaking, this book is perfect for you! Its stunning photography and visual art make it a beautiful piece to display in your home. Most importantly, its timeless and traditional lessons will keep you coming back for more. 

Authors Carrie Gress, Ph.D., and Noelle Mering respond to the modern disdain of homemakers in this inspiring book. Although there has been a resurgence in the desire to live simply and practice the domestic arts, the majority of people in the modern age view it as an unfulfilling and even oppressive way of life. Many women despair because they feel a sense of shame and futility in managing the world of their home in a culture that tries to erase the beauty of homemaking.  

Theology of Home: The Spiritual Art of Homemaking turns all misguided notions about homemaking on their heads, shining new light on the role of a homemaker. It will show you how homemaking is tied to the deepest truths of the Faith with an honest and fearless understanding of the modern world. Rather than looking for inspiration in the 1950s and in the many harmful stereotypes of women in that time, Gress and Mering forge a new path by looking at the precious and unique gifts women can offer to those they love.

Filled with beautiful photography and interviews with inspiring women, The Spiritual Art of Homemaking examines:

  • What makes someone a homemaker and how we can look at the role with fresh eyes
  • How the dots between our love for home and the role of caring for a home can be reconnected
  • How we can reorient our purpose from caring only for ourselves to caring for others 
  • How to bear fruit in the various ways in which God calls us
  • How to foster the qualities that make us particularly adept and skillful at creating a home
  • The nature of both physical and spiritual motherhood
  • How our Mother, the Church, gifts us the means to fulfill the role of homemaker

Whether you are single, married, a working mother, or stay-at-home mother, this book will be your greatest help in discovering how to bring beauty, order, and vibrancy to the people and place you love most: Home.

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    Wonderful book

    Posted by RACHAEL C. on Apr 13th 2023

    Recommend to everyone!