Saint Catherine of Siena (eBook)

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Why does God work in mysterious ways? One of the greatest saints ever to live, Catherine of Siena is mostly known for inspiring the pope to return to Rome from France, but her story begins as a young woman who thinks she is called to be a hermit! How did God turn this aspiring hermitess into someone who was called to argue with the pope himself and his whole entire court? See how little Catherine learns to love God and achieve great sanctity through loving the people she cares for along the way.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt was known as “the storyteller of the saints.” In the 1950’s and 60’s, she wrote over twenty historical fiction novels on the saints, bringing to life these holy men and women for young readers across the world. By artistically rendering familiar stories, the Windeatt books help readers see that the saints are real people whom we can emulate.

Ideal for all children, especially those enrolled in TAN Academy in the fourth through sixth grades for easy-reading literature.

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