The Curé of Ars (MP3 Audio Download)

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“So you’ve decided to give in to the Devil,” said the priest. John Vianney started back in dismay—"No, Father!" "But you just told me you were giving up your studies for the priesthood," responded Father Balley. This book tells what took place next, along with the many adventures that met young St. John Vianney (even his fights with the Devil) when he set out to become a priest, ending up one of the Church's most glorious saints.

Mary Fabyan Windeatt was known as “the storyteller of the saints.” In the 1950s and 60s she wrote over twenty historical fiction novels on the saints, bringing to life these holy men and women for young readers across the world. By artistically rendering familiar stories, the Windeatt books help readers see that the saints are real people whom we can emulate.

Ideal for all children, especially those enrolled in TAN Academy in kindergarten through third grades, for easy-reading literature.

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