The Church Teaches (eBook)

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The Jesuit Fathers of St. Mary's College first published their extensive reference work, The Church Teaches, in 1955. Originally conceived by Fr. Gerald Van Ackeren, S.J., the book was prepared with his counsel and encouragement and translated and prepared for publication by Frs. Clarkson, Edwards, Kelly, and Welch, S.J. The fruit of these pious Jesuits' labor, The Church Teaches is a comprehensive English-language doctrinal database, containing numerous documents and dogmatic pronouncements essential for any Catholic to know the Faith. Discover in this comprehensive volume such famous gems of Catholic doctrine as:


  • The Athanasian Creed
  • Interpretation of Sacred Scripture
  • Condemnation of Modernists
  • Papal Infallibility
  • Oath against Modernism
  • Much, much more . . .

While initially created mainly for college theology courses, this book has proven itself extremely useful for laity who wish to know the doctrines of the Church better. Most of all, The Church Teaches provides a sound bulwark against the relentless attacks on essential points Church teaching, from both within and without the Church. Arm yourself with the perennial wisdom of the Church through the contents of this neatly packaged and fully-indexed volume.

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