A Catholic Woman's Guide to Relationships (eBook)

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Calling all Catholic women!  Are some of your relationships stressing you out? Have you been deeply let down by someone you dearly love? Are you tired of recycled criticism or constant arguing? Hope is here. In this her latest in The Catholic Woman’s Guide series—all about relationships!—noted author Rose Sweet shares some of her “golden nuggets” that expose the roots of relationship troubles and how to finally be free of them.  

The Catholic Woman’s Guide series integrates Catholic theology (Theology of the Body and teachings on contemplative prayer) with Sweet’s unique brand of story and humor and will help you to find authentic love and freedom in all your relationships. In this third volume, The Catholic Women’s Guide to Relationships, Sweet takes you through the doorway of Scripture to see how Jesus handled those troublesome people! Topics include:


  • Exposing the little ways in which we tend to use even the people we love

  • Learning to hear and speak another’s emotional language

  • Changing poison patterns in relationships

  • Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries

  • Knowing when, how, and why to reinvent or even end a relationship

  • Embracing the power and freedom of solitude

Sweet also reveals the “Four Rules of Relationship” as the pathway not only to healthier, holier relationships, but also as a map into a deeper interior life with the God who desires a rich and intimate relationship with you.


Rose Sweet
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November 9th, 2020
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