An Easy Way to Become a Saint (MP3 Audio Download)

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While attaining sanctity is the most important thing in the world (for ourselves and for others, because everyone benefits from one's personal sanctification), sanctity need not be seen as the hardest thing in the world. It is always the greatest challenge, but nothing "extraordinary" is required of us. In fact, the perfection of the ordinary is precisely where God calls most of us to grow: "Whoever is faithful in the least thing also will also be faithful in greater things" (Luke 16:10).

Thus, in An Easy Way to Become a Saint, mainstay author Fr. Paul O'Sullivan offers an optimistic book showing how any ordinary Catholic can become holy—and supremely so. Every day there are innumerable opportunities to become holier, hidden for us to find. Father O'Sullivan shows us how, writing with an assurance of success that is totally convincing and infectious.

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