Bethlehem (eBook)

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Fr. Frederick William Faber was one of the greatest Catholic writers in the English language of the 19th century. Initially an Anglican priest, he found his way into the Catholic Church through the preaching of St. John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement, eventually being ordained as an Oratorian priest. His works are numerous, and each satisfies a different part of the soul's need for knowledge and strengthening in the Catholic religion.

In Bethlehem, Fr. Faber explores the hidden meanings of Our Lord's Incarnation, birth, infancy, and early life, based on the Four Gospels' accounts. Throughout this characteristically perspicuous and sagacious treatise, he also expands his theme to a wide-ranging discourse on the entire Catholic Faith from the point of view of the Sacred Infancy. Everything in Our Lord's life is relevant to our salvation, and every particularity takes on a greater significance and sanctifying value in relation to the whole.

Whatever Jesus did or allowed Himself to undergo is utterly perfect, because every action He, God, takes is perfect. Fr. Faber explores the hidden meanings of Our Lord's earthly life, exposing with profundity and clarity hardly seen in a man of these later times the mysteries of Christ's life. Let Fr. Faber take you on a journey through the early life of Our Lord, and meditate on His Divine Providence's unspeakable wisdom.

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