Catholic Family Pack

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The family is the first school of Christian life (CCC, 1657). It is within the home that we first receive the seeds of the Faith. The love we receive from our parents, siblings, and grandparents, provides us with a glimpse of how Our Heavenly Father loves us. As parents, we are given the profound privilege of leading our children to love of God and the desire for sanctity.

The Catholic Family Pack is a thoughtfully compiled set of 4 books to help your family grow in faith and virtue. Transform your home into a school of Christian life and give your children the resources they need to foster a meaningful spiritual life with these essentials.

This set of 4 includes the following spiritual treasures:

  • Treasure Box Set: Books 1-10
  • A Year with Mary
  • A Short Guide to Praying as a Family
  • My Catholic Children's Bible