Catholic Stories for Boys & Girls Volume 3 (eBook)

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Continue your family’s reading adventures with Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls, Volume III! In the penultimate volume of this four-part series read:

  • “Begga’s Bracelet”—The Irish Princess Begga’s promise to live for God alone
  • “In the Tower of London”—The story of St. Edmund Campion, with the disguises he used and dangers he faced as a priest to keep the Catholic Faith alive in England
  • “Joseph”—A fictional account of the life of Saint Joseph from boyhood to his holy, happy death
  • “Louise”—The story of how Louise’s generosity and kindness from childhood led her to sainthood

Written to be read aloud for the entire family’s entertainment, Catholic Stories for Boys & Girls offers four volumes each holding a handful of happy and courageous stories, compiled and written by Catholic nuns in the 1930's. Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls appeals to the whole family by using simple vocabulary to engage children but also providing well-developed plots to captivate adults’ interest.

Each story highlights a different virtue, and, to reinforce the virtue, every chapter closes with a two-line rhyming verse that provides both a chapter summary and a pithy message, all underlining the books’ main theme—the Church gives life to the soul through grace. Excellent when read by children, and even better when read to children by parents and older siblings, these timeless stories show the reward of virtue by the wondrous events that occur when one is generous with God.

As taken from the front cover of the book, the stories herein are republished in the hope that in a small way the Faith, Culture, and Tradition of the Holy Catholic Church may be preserved for our most prized possession, our children.

Our prayer for these books is the same as Baltimore’s first Archbishop, the Most Reverend Michael J. Curley, prayed when these books were first published:

“May our Divine Lord bless each boy and girl who reads these stories, as well as every one who helps to place them in their hands.”

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