Christ Denied (eBook)

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"But whoever denies Me before men, I also will deny before My Father Who is in the heavens." —Matthew 10:33

Christ Denied cuts to the heart of the crisis in our present age: Christ has been denied—and in many cases by those who were supposed to be closest to Him. He has been (in some cases literally) slandered, set aside, ignored, put away, and, in short, crucified once again. This little book describes the process of the last century leading up to and through the Second Vatican Council that allowed this to happen. The enemy of this work is modernism, and its proponents' arguments are named and refuted systematically in this short treatise in favor of tried-and-true traditional Catholic teaching and practice.

Written by a parish priest confounded and devastated by the institutional turmoil of the Church, this work will show faithful Catholics exactly what intellectual undercurrents have produced such a difficult period in the life of the Church. While the message can be painful to hear, it is important, and ultimately, it should inspire in us a fervent desire to pray, hope, and never worry, as ultimately Christ will triumph and conquer in all things.


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Fr. Paul Wickens
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