Dressing with Dignity (eBook)

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In this ground-breaking book, Colleen Hammond challenges today's fashions and provides you the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the onslaught of tasteless, immodest clothing. Colleen Hammond shares real-life examples of how women can accentuate the grace and beauty of their femininity, and she shows that "modest" definitely does not mean "frumpy."

Dressing with Dignity covers it all: the history and forces behind the changes in fashion; how to talk to teenagers about the privilege of femininity so they will want to dress with dignity; how to awaken chivalry in men and be treated with respect; how to regain and teach the lost charm of interior and exterior femininity; how to dress in an attractive, dignified, classy manner; specific documents about manners of dress from the Magisterium, the Popes and the Saints; comprehensive guidelines for choosing tasteful attire; resources on where to find beautiful, modest clothing; and much, much more!

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