E is for Eucharist: A Catholic ABC

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Illustrated by Anna-Maria Crum

Catholic parents, grandparents, and educators continually seek books that assist children in understanding their faith. “E” is for Eucharist is an alphabet book that introduces kids to some of the unique aspects of Catholicism. Through an engaging rhyming text and gorgeously rendered illustrations, young readers view children like themselves as active participants in the Church. This ABC book can be a jumping-off point for discussions about things that set the Catholic faith apart, such as Queen of Heaven, Rosary, Sacraments, and Tabernacle. Could there possibly be something for “X” and “Z” that might enlighten adults as well as kids? Most certainly! A free Discussion and Activities Guide available at the author's website,, expands the scope of the book and gives kids fun things to do that deepen the appreciation of the faith.

Claudia Cangilla McAdam
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2 Reviews

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    Wonderful read.

    Posted by Steven McEvoy on Dec 26th 2023

    This book is well below my youngest daughter’s reading level. And with altar serving and attending Catholic school there was only one work she did not know the meaning of. That being said she still loved this book. She is almost 11 and wants to start her own book blog, she plans to start by rereading and reviewing many of her favorite TAN picture books. She read this one to me twice the day it arrived. And I have heard her reading it to her teddy bear classroom a few times since then. This is a wonderful ABC book for young Catholics. We plan to give our copy to the school library. The selection is excellent. The illustrations wonderfully done. It is great as an introduction to Catholic Terms for young readers. I found at least 2 other books with the title E is for Eucharist one with no subtitle and another with A Catholic Alphabet. If you are tracking it down, make sure you check the author. This is another wonderful picture book for young Catholic from TAN. Excellent for the home, school, or church library. My daughter loves it, and I am sure the children in your life will as well.

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    Beautiful childrens book

    Posted by ELIZABETH S. on Dec 15th 2022

    Wonderful illustrations throughout! Nice, large pages for little readers.