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Commentary by Steve Ray

Videos presented by Fr. Matthew Kauth

28 Lessons

Leader Pack contains: 1 study guide (answers in back) and Group Streaming

Without Genesis, the rest of the Bible is incomprehensible. Unveiling no less than the creation of the world and everything in it, including human life, as well as the birth of sin and the promise of a Savior, Genesis is packed with fascinating images and layered theological insights that require careful study.

In this powerful 28-session study, author Steve Ray and presenter Fr. Kauth will help you uncover what you need to know about this crucial first book of the Bible, including:

  • The theological significance of covenants: what they meant for the ancient Jews, and what they mean for us today
  • What the Binding of Isaac actually signifies, and what Noah’s ark represents
  • How to have a personal relationship with the “God of your fathers” (Exodus 3:15)

Genesis is the first key to unlocking the chest that enables us to understand the Bible as the Universal Church always has. To find the priceless gems inside, we need a good roadmap to learn how the 50 chapters fit together and fit with the rest of the entire Bible.

Let Steve Ray and Fr. Kauth guide you on a 1,500+ verse deep-dive into the richly puzzling spiritual depths of Genesis.

Author: Steve Ray
Lecturer: Fr. Matthew Kauth
Lessons: 28 Lessons
Length: 30 minutes (avg)
Publication Date: 2008
1 Parish Streaming License (with no expiration)
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    Its easy to use. Everything

    Posted by Bonita L. on Sep 15th 2022

    Its easy to use. Everything that is needed is in the book.