Karol, The Boy Who Became Pope (eBook)

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In the beautiful country of Poland, in the town of Wadowice, lived a boy named Karol. His family and friends called him “Lolek.”

As a boy he played with his friends, helped his neighbors, and prayed with his family. When he grew up he became a priest, a bishop, and a beloved pope.  This story will take you on adventures alongside Karol, the boy who would one day become a great saint of the Church. 

Karol, The Boy Who Became Pope reveals the power of faith and family in the young life of the “pope of the family,” Saint John Paul II. Written by Jem Sullivan, catechist and author, and beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist William J. Maloney, Karol is a delightful and inspiring children’s story about one of the great saints of our age.

Special Bonus Feature:
Excerpt from Saint John Paul II’s Letter to Children

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