Love Your Cross: How Suffering Becomes Sacrifice (eBook)

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In Love Your Cross, Therese Williams tells the inspirational story of her struggles with spinal meningitis and the profound, personal relationship with Jesus Christ that grew out of her suffering.

Stricken with the illness at eighteen months old, Therese has lived as a quadriplegic for more than forty years. Here, she recounts her life of suffering and explains how she came to not just accept her cross, but love and embrace it.

Through Love Your Cross, you will

  • discover Therese’s powerful story and her journey to embracing Christ on the Cross
  • see suffering turned to joy in the story of a very real person
  • grow closer to Christ through your own suffering
  • be inspired to seek out Christ’s cross in your everyday life
  • and much more!

Therese's story serves as a great example of how we can take the suffering that comes with our cross and channel it in a loving way in service to others.
Everyone suffers in his or her life, and Love Your Cross gives a voice and a faith to the radical claim that suffering is an opportunity to grow closer to God.

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