Miraculous Images of Our Lady: 100 Famous Catholic Portraits and Statues (eBook)

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Those who oppose the Church and true religion believe that it is riddled with credulity and superstition. But the Church in fact takes very good care of vetting her miracles and marvels—and there are many! Most beloved among them are the miraculous images of the Blessed Mother, objects of the tenderest devotion of many Catholics.

Here, in Miraculous Images of Our Lady, TAN mainstay author Joan Carroll Cruz provides 100 true stories of Church-approved miraculous statues, paintings, and other images of Our Lady from all parts of the globe and spanning almost 2,000 years. Included are images that have spoken, brought miraculous cures and other special favors, helped in the construction of Catholic churches, shed luminous rays leading to their discovery in hidden places, given off a celestial fragrance, or suddenly and unexplainably become extremely heavy so as to resist being moved from a favored place. Also described are images of Our Lady weeping blood and tears or lovingly holding the Infant Jesus, as well as the ornate and costly garments the faithful have created for these dear figures and the special feast days celebrated in their honor.

Ranging across Mexico, Japan, Italy, the U.S., France, Poland and elsewhere, Cruz tells stories of the images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, of Akita, of Pompeii, of Prompt Succor, of the Smile (through which St. Therese the Little Flower was cured at age 10), of the Holy Rosary, the Comforter of the Afflicted, the Madonna of Consolation, the Mother of Divine Love, Our Lady of Zapopan, the Black Madonna of Częstochowa, and many, many more! Scores of pictures make the book come alive and will inspire fervid devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Joan Carroll Cruz, a native of New Orleans, was a tertiary of the Discalced Carmelite Secular Order. Her many books include The Incorruptibles, Relics, Secular Saints, Prayers and Heavenly Promises, Angels and Devils, Miraculous Images of Our Lord, and many others.

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