My Ideal: Jesus: Son of Mary (eBook)

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This well-known little book synthesizes the perfect devotion to Our Lady encouraged by both St. Louis de Montfort, famous for his True Devotion to Mary, and Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, the founder of the Society of Mary. Written as a dialogue between the disciple and Jesus and Mary (a la The Imitation of Christ), it contains an entire program of life, practical and humble, that unites oneself to Jesus through Mary. As Jesus (by His own Eternal Volition) was filled with sublime, indeed divine, filial love for His Mother, so must we be filled.

My Ideal: Jesus, Son of Mary shows that the best way to imitate Christ is to imitate His perfect love for Our Lady.  In this way, we can become apostles in our daily lives, bringing others to Jesus and Mary. In this booklet, Christ shows us that in order to imitate Him, we must give ourselves to Our Lady without reserve, love her, obey her, honor her, resemble her, have confidence in her, live united to her, and listen to her—because her aim is to transform all her spiritual children into her physical Son, the Son of God. More than just a devotional book of meditations on Our Lady or even a guide for Marian devotion, My Ideal is a precious guide to all of life—a life lived in union with Our Lord through Our Lady in every aspect.

Fr. Emil Neubert was a priest of the Society of Mary, the order founded by Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. Blessed Chaminade was a French priest who survived the persecutions of the anti-Catholic French Revolution and found the solution to the world's crisis of Faith in the Blessed Mother of God. Fr. Neubert, as an heir to Blessed Chaminade's inheritance, pioneered extension of the theological field of Mariology in the 20th century, teaching at universities and inspiring countless others to seek union with Jesus through Mary. In many ways, his My Ideal is the perfect book for regular souls who wish to become saints.

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