Outlaws of Ravenhurst

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"The Earls of Ravenhurst must always stand for God and Our Blessed Lady, let the cost be what it may!”

In seventeenth-century Scotland lies Ravenhurst, the stronghold of Clan Gordon, a family whose reputation for defending their people and their Catholic faith is legendary. But now the rights and lives of Scottish Catholics are in grave peril, and a traitorous usurper controls the clan. With the help of his mother, the “renegade priest,” and other heroic allies, young Charles Gordon must strive in the face of persecution and martyrdom to defend the true faith and restore to Ravenhurst a good, noble, loyal, and Catholic earl.

The Outlaws of Ravenhurst has been a popular children’s classic for almost a century. Filled with sword fights, secret passages, and mysterious strangers, this tale of adventure and intrigue portrays lives of courageous virtue amid trials and dangers. The bold spirit, selfless charity, and heroic sacrifice of The Outlaws of Ravenhurst are sure to stir in the hearts of Catholic readers, both young and old, a deep love for their faith and a passion to defend it.
Sr. M. Imelda Wallace, SL
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6 Reviews

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    its really good

    Posted by teddy on Nov 20th 2023

    the book was so delicious chapter one was amazing but chapter 16 was a little more bitter what I loved most was the ending so elegant I have to wait fo my owner to order a new one though they did not sound happy (it could've used some salt though)

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    Catholic Must-Read!

    Posted by Melody L. on Nov 6th 2023

    Outlaws of Ravenhurst has become a family favorite with kids and adults alike. Beautiful written story that imparts a deep appreciation for the faith. Now that our kids are leaving the nest, we will be buying copies for their homes as well!

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    Outlaws of Ravenhurst

    Posted by Rebecca on Oct 16th 2023

    I just finished reading this out loud to my homeschool family. The twists of the plot and the Catholic faith woven throughout were so very good. We were reading a chapter a day, but at the end, had to read 4 chapters to finish, because we couldn’t wait to see how it ended. God, faith and family, simply a wonderful book.

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    Splendidly written story!

    Posted by Michael A. on May 24th 2023

    Although advertised as a children;s classic, this 58-year-old teacher found this to be a most splendidly written and exciting book. Sister Wallace has a gift for writing. She paints vivid locales and scenes, from panoramic vistas to dank dungeon cells. There is very much of a gothic feel to a lot of this book. The writer is talented at creating moods throughout the book. As a person of Scottish descent myself, I found the Scottish accents and ways of saying words to be both convincing and delightful. They might make reading this book a bit of a challenge for the young reader, but strong readers of about ten years old or so should be able to handle it. The characterization employed throughout makes the reader care about characters like "the Gordon" and "Muckle John". The quality of the physical book itself is top-notch as well. The print is large and clear. Appealing illustrations appear throughout the book. This book is well worth the very reasonable price that TAN is selling these at! Get yourself a copy, you won;t want to put it down!

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    Excellent book for readers of

    Posted by Tracey M. on Mar 15th 2022

    Excellent book for readers of all ages on the True Presence and valor!

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    Outlaws of Ravenhurst

    Posted by Viviana D. on Mar 8th 2022

    The Earls of Ravenhurst must always stand for God and Our Blessed Lady, let the cost be what it may!ù There are stories that are entertaining and then there are stories that spark the heart and light a flame for the Catholic faith. This tale will cause even the luke warmest of hearts to burn bright for Christ. Tan books is an excellent source for books that inspire a love of the Catholic faith. We often turn to them for homeschooling material for our middle school son. He is enjoying every book we find there!