Parenting for Eternity (MP3 Audio Download)

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Dear Parent, 

A trillion years from now, your child will be either in Heaven or in Hell. And this is only the beginning of eternity. 

In light of this eternal perspective, the time is now, Dear Parent, to raise your child to live entirely for Christ and His Church. The time is now to train your child in the Four Last Things, the spiritual life, the virtues of piety and humility, and the school of Calvary while shielding him from the errors of modernism, Protestantism, and much more. 

Unlike most parenting books which focus exclusively on the body and this fleeting world, this short work focuses upon your child’s eternal soul. In these pages, you will be challenged to see the eternal consequence of every single parental act—acts of commission and acts of omission. 

The Lord has said unto you, it is better that you have a millstone hung around your neck and that you be cast into the depths of the sea than for you, Dear Parent, to lead your little one astray (Mk 9:41).

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