Radio Replies: Third Volume (eBook)

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Leslie Audoen Rumble, known as "Fr. Rumble," was a priest and apologist from New South Wales, Australia. Born in 1892, he grew up in an Anglican family, but he converted to the Catholic Church. In 1924, he was ordained a priest for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. He became famous for providing radio answers to questions about Catholicism broadcasted all over Australia and New Zealand. He also founded Radio Replies Press with Fr. Charles Mortimer Carty, an American priest from St. Paul, Minnesota, who had been performing a similar radio-apologetics program, the Catholic Radio Hour, as well as a street-preaching campaign, in the United States. (Fr. Carty was also known as a biographer of Padre Pio.) Fr. Carty spearheaded the American publishing operation, and the two priests became excellent "collaborators in the truth." Their work survives to this day as a testament to their zeal for apologetics and evangelization.

Now, reprinted here by TAN, find the complete collection of more than 4,300 questions and answers on every conceivable aspect of the Catholic Faith by these intrepid preachers and masters of apologetics. A masterwork of modern English-language apologetics by the pioneers of mass-communication evangelism, Radio Replies is a three-volume gold mind of Catholic apologetics answers, supremely useful both to defend the Faith and to learn more about it yourself. This immense collection of clear, succint, uncompromising, and powerful arguments for the eternal validity and truth of the Catholic religion also comes with a complete index for easy reference use. With forewords to each volume by Fulton J. Sheen, this work is a largely forgotten but absolutely priceless tool for evangelization.

This is Volume Three of the 3-volume set.

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