RSV-CE Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible (Deluxe Leatherette)

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The Holy Scriptures are the bulwark of the Faith: the infallible and inspired words of the Holy Spirit through the authors of all the books of the Old and New Testaments. It behooves Catholics in this day and age more than ever, when most people can read and when many perverse doctrines are spread throughout popular discourse, to learn and know the Holy Bible. "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ," as St. Jerome said, and there is no way we can fully understand the mind of the Church in her liturgies and practices without a solid and fully Catholic understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

To that end, the Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition provides a formal, literal, and readable translation of the Bible suitable for Catholic use. Familiar passages and words are rendered with a Catholic understanding, and the texts are arranged according to the traditional Vulgate's ordering. In addition, this volume has a lectionary with the three-year cycle of readings for the Novus Ordo Missae, as well as full-color maps and family history pages. Perhaps best of all, Our Lord's words in the New Testament are printed in red, so that the reader can better focus on the words of life that lead to eternal salvation.

This deluxe leatherette edition also features a burgundy cover, embossed emblems, gilt edges, and a ribbon marker. The beauty of this Bible will surely heighten your veneration of the Holy Scriptures and render you more disposed to the reception of the word of God.


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Deluxe Leatherette
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2 Reviews

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    RSVCE Revised Standard Version

    Posted by George W. on May 24th 2023

    This Bible is excellent for studying the Deuterocanonical books. The deuterocanonical passages in the canonical books (Song of the Three, Bel and the Dragon, and Esther are in their correct places within Daniel an Esther) Although the standard promotional description of the RSVE say that the OT is exactly the same as in the Protestant edition, there is one exception. A single unique deuterocanonical verse from the Vulgate is also in the text, clearly identified. Latin Portions of Judith and Tobit that differ from the Septuagint are referenced in the appendix. These are from the Aramaic texts that St. Jerome found in Palestine, which are no longer extant. The NT is different from the Protestant text in the following: alternate readingsù from the original Greek NT mss that support Catholic doctrine are moved to the main body of the text, and the Protestant accepted mss readings become the alternate readings.ù Overall, I prefer this edition of the RSVCE to the editions of the RSV. One caveat: The books of the Greek Ezra, The Prayer of Manasseh, and the Ezra Apocalypse were declared apocryphal at the Council of Trent in the15th Century, and have not been printed in any Catholic Bibles (except the Clementine Vulgate)?since the mid 1600s. Thus, six of the apocryphal books of the RSC are missing î the 2 Ezra pseudegrapha, 3 and 4 Macccabees, and Psalm 151. The best praise I can give is that it is possible to read Esther with full comprehension, as the text of the book is not cut up. These are valuable. They were out of print for a long time. I only became a proud owner by obtaining an old used paperback copy from the Catholic Truth Society, printed in England.

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    Scripture without the Spin

    Posted by John C. on Apr 23rd 2022

    The RSV - CE with the second person "intimate pronoun" forms while addressing prayer to God merits the high regard the translation holds among English language readers. This is NOT RSV - CE2 which is as dumb an idea as presenting German with no distinction between formal and intimate expression. A problem with this product is a strangely uneven quality of the printed pages resulting from apparently too little ink applied in the printing process. Some pages are at the limit to even read under any light. Sad turn out for a nicely formatted presentation of a brilliant work of translation. RSV avoids the trap of "dynamic translation" and so is a reliable guide to the actual text of the Canon of Sacred Writing.