A Tale of Death and Glory: The Acts of St. Sebastian and His Companions

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In his illustrious life, Saint Sebastian was the senior commanding officer of the elite forces for the greatest military power on the planet—the Roman Empire. By his glorious death, he became a commander in the greatest military power in the universe—the communion of saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

Throughout the Church’s history, countless martyrs have offered their lives to Christ rather than deny Him. One of the most revered is Saint Sebastian, and for this, his name appears in the Roman Canon. A native of Milan, Saint Sebastian was the primus pilus, the senior centurion of elite soldiers in the Roman army who commanded eight hundred of the best soldiers in the world’s greatest military at the time. Taking the same ethic for the spiritual battle as he did for the empire’s battles, Saint Sebastian worked tirelessly and inconspicuously to strengthen other Christians, especially during the cruel persecutions and martyrdoms of the third century.

The heroic examples of Saint Sebastian and his companions inspired others to follow the Lamb of God, even to the point of death, giving their lives as holocausts to the one, true living God rather than worship devils. It is only fitting that another great saint from Milan, Saint Ambrose, detailed the courage and fidelity of these brave soldiers. A Tale of Death and Glory will compel you to stay firm in your faith amidst the growing threats of persecution from secular authorities and to seek heaven with renewed vigor, for “this earthly life passes quickly, like a fleeting dream.” 

St. Ambrose of Milan
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Fr. Robert Nixon

5 Reviews

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    A Tale of Death and Glory

    Posted by M. Ruiz on Feb 12th 2024

    This book was very informative and interesting.

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    Excellent Story

    Posted by Robert Smith on Dec 1st 2023

    So glad I bought this book. A beautiful story about conversions under persecution. I had no idea what a great saint Sebastian was. I highly recommend this great book. Truly inspiring.

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    Compelling account of early Christian martyrs

    Posted by Angela Schaefer on May 26th 2023

    This is an absolutely amazing account of the early Christians during the Diocletion persecutions. St. Ambrose shares the conversion stories of various people under the teaching of St. Sebastian and Polycarp. Wow! The conversions occur like dominoes. One person after the next has a dramatic and sudden conversion; emboldened with faith and zeal. What a blessing to be able to read a work passed on through the ages. This inspirational story provides much encouragement and motivation. Thank you Fr. Nixon for this translation! Thank you Tan!

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    Excellent read!

    Posted by Maria-Josephe S. on Dec 18th 2022

    St. Ambrose;s writing style is so easy to read making it easy to see why St. Sebastian was such a great saint. 10/10 would recommend!

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    Great Story

    Posted by Beth N. on Sep 19th 2022

    Beautiful story and easy read.