Saints for the Sick (eBook)

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In this intriguing book, bestselling author Joan Carroll Cruz presents 76 mini-biographies highlighting saintly Catholics who faced intense, long-term suffering and disability with sweetness, peace, and love for Jesus Christ.

These stories show the triumph of God's grace where the world finds only ugliness and approaching death. They describe some lives so recent that the saint's family members are still living today, with many causes for canonization being currently active in Rome.

Included here are Blessed Zelie Martin, the mother of St. Therese of Lisieux, who died of breast cancer; 14-year-old Blessed Isidore Bakanja, the Scapular martyr from Africa; the famous leper priest, Saint Damien of Molokai; Venerable Matthew Talbot, the alcoholic; Saint Germaine Cousin, rejected because of a birth defect; and little Nennolina Meo, who died from cancer of the bone, lungs, and brain.

Also included are persons who suffered from paralysis, amputation, deformities, breathing problems, mental illnesses, kidney ailments, intestinal disorders, and more, as well as from medical treatment itself.

Particularly remarkable are the children who suffered, including young people ages 15, 13, 12, 11, and even 6! For these there was no grasping at the remnants of earthly life but rather an eager anticipation of Heaven. These children showed unwavering resolve to suffer for the love of God and the conversion of sinners and they endeavored to console their parents.

Saints for the Sick is a book that reinforces our Catholic faith and gives renewed hope to those who are dealing with bodily struggles. Moreover, it puts us in touch with heavenly intercessors who will gladly help us, for they know exactly what we are going through on earth.
This volume includes an index of ailments and the saints associated with them.
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