Spiritual Warfare Bible

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There is a battle being waged for your soul. But you can arm yourself, and this Spiritual Warfare Bible is the perfect weapon against Satan. There is no better way to Our Lord than by reflecting on His own words and actions in Scripture.
This Spiritual Warfare Bible, RSV-CE, includes nine special Spiritual Warfare inserts written and compiled by Paul Thigpen, PhD, author the acclaimed Manual for Spiritual Warfare, including:

• Scripture for the Battle
• Know Your Enemy
• Know Your Commander and Comrades
• Know Your Weapons
• Church Teaching about Spiritual Warfare
• Words from the Saints about Spiritual Warfare
• Spiritual Warfare in the Lives of the Saints
• Prayers for the Battle
• Spiritual Warfare Topical Index
Arm yourself and be ready for the assaults of the enemy with the sword of the Word of God!

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4 Reviews

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    A Good Bible with Larger Print

    Posted by Jonathan on Feb 16th 2024

    This is a very beautiful Bible with a very good typeset and font size for folks getting a little older. The whole Bible is beautiful and the inserts around spiritual warfare are helpful and beautifully illustrated. There are also 3 ribbon markers, which I find very useful for daily reading and prayers. Overall, this is a very good Bible and wonderful for reading.

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    My favorite bible for study.

    Posted by Steven McEvoy on Dec 26th 2023

    It had been a while since I got a new bible. Once upon a time I had shelves full of them. And my wife insisted I stop buying more. But this year I got two new bibles. And I could not be more thankful. I received this one and the New Testament and Psalms for Men. Both are from Saint Benedict Press. And both are excellent resources. I picked this up to be a new bible on bedside table. This is a beautiful bible. And a very important resource. This volume combines the RSV-CE with excerpts from The Manual For Spiritual Warfare by Paul Thigpen. Over the last 40 years I have owned many bibles. Catholic bibles, evangelical bibles, mainline Christianity bibles. This is one of my favorite bible ever. The bible text is normal thin bible pages. And the inserts are full color on glossy pages. Some of the sections have between one and three topics. The specific inserts are: Scriptures for the Battle Know Your Enemy Know Your Battle Know Your Commander and Comrades Know Your Armor Keep the Enemy Out of the Camp The Our Father is a Battle Cry Know Your Weapons Church Teaching About Spiritual Warfare Confronting the Devil’s Power Words From the Saints About Spiritual Warfare Spiritual Warfare in the Lives of the Saints Prayers for Battle Spiritual Warfare Topical Index of Scripture This is an excellent reading bible. The margins are narrow but the line spacings are ample. You can easily underline or write notes in this bible if that is what you do. The bible also has 3 built in bookmarks. If you are following the bible in a year plan with three sections a day it works perfect. I believe that if you only add 1 more bible to your collection you cannot go wrong by picking this one. This is an excellent resource for all Catholics, and really for all Christians would benefit from this bible.

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    A Must Have!

    Posted by Nicole on May 24th 2023

    This is seriously the best Bible I have right now! It has a nice cover, with silver edge paper, and 3 ribbons. Its large in size. The paper is nice and the inserts are even better. The photos in this Bible are not photocopied, they are high end. I am absolutely in love! I originally seen the inside of this one on Instagram but I wish theyd show it on the website too for those who arent on social media. I can not express enough how much I recommend this!

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    Outstanding Resource

    Posted by Keith I. on Mar 16th 2022

    I love this Bible. The additional notes are great and the large print is very helpful. Dr. Thigpen has compiled great information for waging a good spiritual warfare in our day and age. Keep up the good work!