Still Amidst the Storm: A Family Man's Search for Peace in an Anxious World (Parish Edition)

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“Peace! Be still!” Mark 4:39

The apostles are trapped in a mighty storm, their fishing boat on the brink of capsizing . . . and Jesus slept. This confused, scared, and even angered the apostles, who could not fight back the storm. But as always, Christ is our model.

In these modern times, we often find ourselves adrift in a storm of stress, anxiety, and chronic busy-ness. We all suffer from it. In these moments, it’s easy to react like the apostles: to panic, to become angry, to be frightened.

But like Christ, we should strive to be still amidst the storm. Here, Conor Gallagher (as a father of 12, no stranger to life’s chaos) helps you reflect upon and cultivate three remedies to the stress of modern life:

  • encountering God in the present moment, which requires of a stillness of mind, to remain in the moment instead of fretting over past mistakes or future anxieties
  • listening to the voice of God, which can only be heard by blocking out the relentless noise of the world and calming our increasingly restless souls
  • resting in serene stillness by resisting the stir-crazy spirit of the world and rejecting busy-ness for busy-ness's sake

In a world that constantly bombards us with noise, this little book offers a wealth of practical advice and real-world guidance on how to cut out stress, anxiety, and worry so that we may rest in the Lord and hear His voice, so that we may be Still Amidst the Storm.

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Conor Gallagher

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    So good it must be shared!

    Posted by Hannah G. on Aug 1st 2022

    Easy-to-read for this busy mom! Candid, relatable input grounded in truth. Ill be reading this over and over, because I often need reminders.