The Blessed Eucharist (MP3 Audio Download)

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In The Blessed Eucharist, Father Michael Mueller describes how Christ's love for us moved Him to create this most beautiful Sacrament. He explains why Our Lord veils Himself in the appearance of bread—a garment so humble He is little known, little loved, even neglected and insulted.
Fr. Mueller helps the reader discover what a treasure the Sacrament is, sharing countless compelling accounts of miracles involving the Eucharist and quotations from Scripture and the Saints reflecting the virtues that can be obtained from Communion worthily received and the consequences of an unworthy reception of Our Lord. He instructs the reader on how to best prepare for receiving the Sacrament and how to properly offer thanksgiving afterwards.
The Blessed Eucharist awakens a deeper awareness of the incredible gift that God has given us in His Presence in the Eucharist, allowing us to embrace all the wondrous fruits this Sacrament has to offer.
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1 Review

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    Amazing Listen!

    Posted by LV on May 24th 2023

    I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started listening to this, but it was very informative and captivating. I found myself wishing I have bought the book as well as the audiobook so I could highlight and take notes. I supposed I should read descriptions better, because the description states that it includes Eucharistic Miracles, which I wasn;t aware of but was pleasantly surprised to find they were different than those found in the Eucharistic Miracles book by Joan Carol Cruz (with some exceptions if I remember correctly). Once I thought the book was over, I was surprised to find that there was somewhat of a second book at the end as well. I plan on buying the physical book when it comes on the $5 list to add to my audiobook!