The Book of Joshua

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Commentary by Steve Ray

Videos presented by Fr. Scott Courtney

13 Lessons

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the constant challenges of daily life? Do you struggle to “let go and let God?”

We all need role models to encourage us through the mess that daily life can become. Joshua was no stranger to this challenge—especially when charged with picking up where Moses left off, and leading the Israelites with prudence and patience.

In the Book of Joshua, through a detailed exegesis of 650+ verses, Steve Ray and Fr. Scott Courtney are committed to showing you how completely Joshua trusted in God. Even while faced with severe setbacks, not once did this prophet doubt that God knew exactly what he was doing.

In 13 bracing lessons, you will learn:

  • How the crossing of the Red Sea prefigures an essential sacrament
  • What “typology” means, and how it synthesizes the Old and New Testaments
  • That we were slaves, just like the Israelites, until a new Joshua came to sever our chains

Trust and perseverance are the two virtues you will see most powerfully demonstrated in Joshua. Let his example of constant hope encourage you to leave more of your worries in God’s capable hands.

Author: Steve Ray
Lecturer: Fr. Scott Courtney
Lessons: 13 Lessons
Length: 30 minutes (avg)
Publication Date: 2012
1 Parish Streaming License (with no expiration)

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