The Council in Question (eBook)

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The ideal TAN book! The resurgence of tradition is rekindling devotion, zeal and, we pray, sanctity. But do some place traditionalism before Mother Church herself?

This is the issue of our time a unique time, 50 years after Vatican II when much (though not all) of the misapplication of the Council's teaching and the liturgical aberrations have settled.

In The Council in Question: A Dialogue With Catholic Traditionalism, journalist Moyra Doorly, an SSPX attendee, and Dominican Father Aidan Nichols, O.P., engage in a vibrant and enlightening discussion on the health and future of the Roman Catholic Church. Doorly takes up the arguments of the Society of Saint Pius X, while Father Nichols picks up the mantle of the Catholic Church in continuity with Holy Tradition.

This fascinating exchange is more than just a dialogue between two factions with different views about the situation of the Church; it is a sign and defense of the genuine continuity and development across the millennia in doctrine, liturgy, and church law. Here is a must-read for lovers of Holy Tradition.

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