The Gift of Oneself (eBook)

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The Gift of Oneself will be for many a fresh, new approach to spirituality: an appeal to generous souls to offer themselves to God as a gift that is at once fitting—since He has given us all we are and have—and complete, for we thereby hold back nothing for ourselves. And in return, Almighty God in a special way concerns Himself with the sanctification of our souls and the care of our temporal needs.
Jesus will work wonders in a soul so given over to Him, for He is the best of all spiritual directors, and He knows exactly the place in the Mystical Body that a consecrated soul should occupy. This gift of oneself to God is easy, for all we have to do is love Him. In return for the gift of oneself, God responds by giving Himself.
What more could we want or need? Those who read this book derive a great feeling of peace and security from it. The Gift of Oneself will be a surprise and a delight to those generous souls who are ready to embark upon a secure and rewarding spiritual life!
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