The Island of Two Trees (eBook)

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What would happen if you found yourself inside your father’s imagination?
This is the question Connor, Maggie, and Lucy are forced to answer in this adventure story within a story.
After creating a model island in their garage filled with castles, caves, mountains, forests, and villages, their father begins to weave a tale around the intricate craft, introducing a host of brave, mysterious, and wicked characters who protect two different magical trees for which their island is named.
But when their father begins to suffer from mysterious headaches, the children are summoned within the story—within his imagination—by the beautiful and virtuous queen. She informs them that they must confront and conquer a dark power that threatens to rip their father’s imagination apart, and in doing so, gain entry into our world. 
The children set out to save their father, journeying across the very island where his story is set. Back home, as his imagination becomes cloudy and distorted, he struggles to see visions of his children and resorts to searching for signs and clues of them on the tiny model.  
The Island of Two Trees is a soaring flight of the imagination and a tale that harnesses the power of love between a father and his children.
Book club discussion questions included!

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