The Liturgy of the Land: Cultivating a Catholic Homestead

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Many people today desire a simple life that is closely connected to land, whether it be gardening, farming, or ranching. There is a spiritual draw to a non-consumeristic lifestyle that places God, the family, and the home at the center of all activity. This “agrarian conversion” has led many families to seek out rural communities and leave behind the suburban life.

Over ten years ago two Catholic friends, Jason M. Craig and Thomas D Van Horn, experienced a similar agrarian conversion inspired by past Catholic land-movements and a growing desire to work with their wives and children, going deeper than just “supporting” them financially. Both began a journey, perhaps with a tad too much romanticism, toward land-based life on farms. All these years later, the two have been tempered by the unyielding realities of land and limitations, and have gained significant insights into the reasons, challenges, and possibilities of homesteading and farming. Van Horn operates a commercial bee operation and Craig operates a microdairy while working remotely for a Catholic apostolate. Both, however, now have extensive experience in general homesteading, niche-marketing of farm products, and trying to order their households around an agricultural life.

In The Liturgy of the Land: Cultivating a Catholic Homestead, authors Jason Craig and Thomas Van Horn present the practicalities and theological aspects behind the desire for a productive, holy home. Our current culture understands economy in efficient consumeristic terms, but our Catholic Faith tells us different. The productive homestead is the center of economic life and the family is at the center of the homestead. This book aims at bringing the stories from their experience into a presentation and proposal of homesteading as a way of life, considering the principles (why?) and the practicalities (how?).

Jason M. Craig
Thomas D. Van Horn

3 Reviews

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    So beautiful!

    Posted by Sam on Apr 4th 2024

    Such a beautifully written book that combines my two favorite things-Catholicism and homesteading! Would give the book 10 stars if I could.

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    A worthy read

    Posted by Mary on Apr 4th 2024

    In The Liturgy of the Land Catholic homesteaders Jason Craig and Thomas Van Horn share with readers the beauty of family life working together and being more in tune with God. As a family in modern society, we all tend to be going in different directions and at different speeds. Sometimes even away from each other and from God. It is a great book for those who are looking to live a more intentional life in their relationship with God and the land. It not only dives into what this means as a Catholic person but has practical ideas and information for those discerning living more in tune with God, their families, and the land in a homesteading lifestyle.

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    Practical and Inspiring

    Posted by Emily on Apr 2nd 2024

    Wonderful Read, insightful perspectives on the conversion that is needed to make the return to the land fruitful