The Popes Against Modern Errors: 16 Papal Documents

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In 1789, the French Revolution took place and launched a host of religious, political and social errors which the Popes for over 160 years afterwards wrote and legislated against. Yet most of these errors have spread and today have filtered down to the common man... with the result that most people now take for granted many fundamental assumptions that are positively false But almost from the beginning of these errors, the Popes spoke out as with one voice, inveighing against them.

Today, as we see these errors bearing evil fruit, many thoughtful Catholics are returning to those Papal documents which condemned these modern errors, to examine what the Popes have said all along about them. Here, in one handy volume, are the best and most famous of those papal denunciations: On Liberalism (Mirari Vos). Gregory XVI. 1832. On Current Errors (Quanta Cura). Pius IX. 1864. The Syllabus of Errors. Pius IX. 1864. On Government Authority (Diuturnum Illud). Leo XIII. 1881. On Freemasonry and Naturalism (Humanum Genus). Leo XIII. 1884. On the Nature of True Liberty (Libertas Praestantissimum). Leo XIII. 1888. On the Condition of the Working Classes (Rerum Novarum). Leo XIII. 1891. On Christian Democracy (Graves de Communi Re). Leo XIII. 1901. Syllabus Condemning the Errors of the Modernists (Lamentabili Sane). St. Pius X. 1907. On Modernism (Pascendi Dominici Gregis). St. Pius X. 1907. Our Apostolic Mandate (On the "Sillon"). St. Pius X. 1910. The Oath Against Modernism. St. Pius X. 1910. On the Feast of Christ the King (Quas Primas). Pius XI. 1925. On Fostering True Religious Unity (Mortalium Animos). Pius XI. 1928. On Atheistic Communism (Divini Redemptoris). Pius XI. 1937.

On Certain False Opinions (Humani Generis). Pius XII. 1950. After this book, the reader will be forced to conclude: "The Popes were right all along " Only by heeding the advice and counsel of these enlightened Roman Pontiffs will the world be able to cast off its yoke of error and enjoy once more the true freedom Our Lord spoke of when He said, "If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:31-32)."

Anthony J. Mioni, Jr.
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6 Reviews

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    Popes against modern errors

    Posted by Deacon Rick Huffman on Oct 19th 2023

    Very Prophetic. We are living through it today.

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    Popes against Modern Error!

    Posted by Kirk on Sep 27th 2023

    If Liberal or Moderate Catholic ? Need to read this book ! You”ll see the Destruction it’s caused !

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    Great for Eastern Orthodox apologetics

    Posted by Bob on May 24th 2023

    Glory to God!

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    Posted by DAVID S. on Apr 14th 2023

    Very Good information. All Catholics should read it.

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    Great Reference Book

    Posted by ANNA B. on Nov 26th 2022

    Good compilation of reference materials! I used it for an essay and will probably look back to it in the future.

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    Mi piace questo libro.

    Posted by Jacob B. on Mar 29th 2022

    Mi piace questo libro.