The Story of Civilization Volume 2: The Medieval World (Complete Set)

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Children should not just read about history; they should live it. In The Story of Civilization, the ancient stories that have shaped humanity come alive like never before. Author Phillip Campbell uses his historical expertise and storytelling ability together in tandem to present the content in a fresh and thrilling way.  

The Story of Civilization reflects a new emphasis in presenting the history of the world as a thrilling and compelling narrative. Within each chapter, children will encounter short stories that place them directly in the shoes of historical figures, both famous and ordinary, as they live through legendary battles and invasions, philosophical debates, the construction of architectural wonders, the discovery of new inventions and sciences, and the exploration of the world. 

Volume II: The Medieval World continues the journey, picking up where Volume I left off just after the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Children will watch the seeds of Christendom being planted in the soil of Europe thanks to colossal figures like Sts. Ambrose, Patrick, and Benedict. The wonder of the Medieval world comes alive with brilliant tales of knights, crusaders, castles, and inventions.

The strength of the content lies not only in the storybook delivery of it, but also in the way it presents history through the faithful prism of the Church. Have you always wanted your children to learn about world history from a Catholic perspective? Here, you’ll have the trusted resource you’ve always wanted.

Did You Know…

  • Monks were the first to make use of clocks?
  • St. Patrick was once kidnapped by pirates?
  • St. Bernard of Clairvaux once excommunicated a swarm of flies?
  • The pope once lived in France instead of Rome?
  • A plague spread out across Europe and killed millions of people?
  • Knights fought with all sorts of weapons, including swords, lances, maces, and crossbows?
  • Marco Polo was one of the most famous explorers who ever lived?

Embark on the journey now to learn of all these wonders and more!

Complete Set

The Complete Set includes the Text Book, Test Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Manual, Video Lecture Series, and the Audio Dramatization, as well as a FREE copy of the Timeline Poster.

Dramatized Audio Book

Talented voice actor and audiobook producer Kevin Gallagher returns to bring children the history of the world in this riveting reading of The Story of Civilization: The Medieval World. This follows his immensely popular reading of Volume I: The Ancient World, as well as both volumes of TAN’s The Story of the Bible. Your children will be transported back in time through the sound effects, music, and voice acting that complement the reading of the text.

Whether looking for entertainment on a long road trip, enhancing the experience with the text, or catering to the needs of a child with a reading disability, this audio dramatization will open up a new world of adventure for kids of all ages.

Test Book
(Suggested for 5th to 8thgrade)

This test book serves as a companion resource to The Story of Civilization: The Medieval World. With this book, students can test their reading comprehension and further educate themselves on the content found in the text.

One quiz corresponds to each chapter in the text book. Questions for each chapter are suitable as a study exercise or as an objective-answer test, with an answer key for teachers in the back. The questions include matching items, multiple choice, and true/false.

Activity Book and Teacher’s Manual (Suggested for 1st to 4th Grade)

The Activity Book and companion Teacher’s Manual provide a complete review of everything read in The Story of Civilization: The Medieval World, along with creative activities to accompany each chapter, including:

  • Reading comprehension questions
  • Narration Exercises
  • Map Activities
  • Coloring Pages
  • Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches
  • Craft Projects unique to each chapter
  • Fun Snack Ideas and Recipes
  • Science Projects that illustrate the lessons learned in the chapters

These books provide a complete and creative overview to the teacher and student alike, reaffirming the content found in The Story of Civilization.

*While the Teacher’s Manual contains answers and directions to the exercises found in the Activity Book, it also has its own additional activity suggestions for parents to do with their children.

Streaming Video Lecture Series

In this lecture series, the author of The Story of Civilization, Phillip Campbell, leads students on a chapter-by-chapter journey, reviewing the events, characters, and lessons that make up Volume II. This companion piece to the text is meant to assist parents and allow a hands-off approach to their lesson planning.

In each lecture, students will find:

  • A 10-minute narrative review of each chapter
  • A discussion of key figures
  • Further explanation of historical events
  • Engaging visual aids and graphics
  • A short quiz to test their knowledge

After viewing these lectures, students will be able to turn to their workbooks and test books with confidence!

Streaming videos will be available in the My Account area of your account. Buyers of the Complete Set will receive a card with a digital Access Code to add the videos to your account.


Timeline Poster

Keeping track of the people, events, and dates that shaped history can be difficult. With this fun, comprehensive, and engaging timeline that employs an easy-to-follow format and vibrant illustrations, students will have the help they need to track the chronology of the story of civilization.

This timeline mirrors the scope of The Story of Civilization text book, picking up after the conversion of Constantine and running to the early stages of the Renaissance. Within these bookends, children will be introduced to the great saints of the early Church, Arab warriors, both holy and evil kings, crusaders and knights, famous explorers, and the terrifying plague doctors of the Black Death. A fun “Timeline Trivia” section can be found on the back for students to test their knowledge!  

Features include:

  • Laminated format capable of being written on with a marker
  • 36 x 18 size when unfolded
  • Easy-to-follow structure
  • 40+ illustrations
  • Covers over 75 major events and people
  • “Timeline Trivia” on the back

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3 Reviews

  • 5
    History medieval ages

    Posted by Amanda on Mar 13th 2024

    We love these timelines!

  • 4
    My family LOVES this series! Why not DVD? Streaming is detrimental!

    Posted by Leslie H. on May 24th 2023

    I move to 5 stars once it is put in DVD format! I purchased the entire collection, because we LOVE this series. My second grader is a big ancient civilization guy, and this is right up his alley. The video is excellent for our homeschooling needs, and my favorite is the video to supplement readings with visual learning. This quizzes embedded in the video is so much fun, and we race to see who can answer the question first-even Mom and Dad! I did misread the description, and thought the videos came in DVD format. I was VERY disappointed seeing it was streaming. I despise streaming, and almost returned them all because of it, but the material is so good I did not. Not everyone has strong enough service to watch easily, connections get interrupted, and it is difficult to view when traveling. Plus, MOST homeschooling families DO NOT allow their kids to just sit with a live internet connection. We care deeply for our kids, and want to safe from such tempting corruption. As a family that travels a lot, I very much want to encourage TAN to produce these in DVD. Many homeschooling families use DVD;s for video talks on language, history, religion, and other subjects. It is a wonderful treat in the school day, and allows for continued learning, and reinforcement of lessons when on the move. Please strongly consider!! Great material!

  • 5
    Love this program

    Posted by Margaret W. on Mar 19th 2022

    I have been using story of civilization for the last several years. All of my kids LOVE it, I LOVE it! It provides an excellent overview of that time period in history.