The Story of the Bible Volume 2: The New Testament

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Children should not just read the Bible, but also experience it. In The Story of the Bible, young readers will discover the sanctity and wisdom, as well as the excitement, of the stories and events that shaped human history and brought about our salvation. Help the children in your life come to know and love the Bible through this groundbreaking new series, The Story of the Bible. Their encounter with Scripture will never be the same.


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Volume II: The New Testament (23 lessons) continues the journey. Children will marvel as they:

  • Bow at the manger alongside Mary in the stable
  • Witness Christ resist the Devil's temptations, multiply the loaves and fishes, heal the sick, and raise the dead
  • Experience His Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension
  • Hear the Holy Spirit come like fire at Pentecost to send Peter and the apostles out into the world to become the foundation of the Church

Each account is told in story form to engage readers, with each narrative supplemented by actual Bible quotes. A closing summary provides context for each story and reveals a lesson for daily life.

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