The Ten Commandments (eBook)

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Learn how the Ten Commandments epitomize the way of Divine Love between God and His children. 

The Ten Commandments by Monsignor Charles Pope is a powerful, in-depth investigation into the Decalogue. Monsignor Pope expertly and lovingly dives into the Ten Commandments, illuminating their eternal importance to the spiritual life, while relating them to our modern day-to-day struggles.
Monsignor Pope guides the reader through each commandment and shows how they are much more than simple dos and don’ts, but rather an outpouring of God’s love for us, a guide for us to better love Him.  Here Pope examines the inner meaning of each commandment, showing how they ultimately are not burdensome restrictions, but pathways to freedom that allow us to more fully love God.
The Ten Commandments offers both insight into the moral law of God and an opportunity for deep spiritual introspection. Also included are several examens to help you perform a prayerful examination of conscience.

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