The Tiny Seed (eBook)

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First there was a seed. A tiny seed. But it was a seed with possibility…

Best-selling children's author-and-illustrator duo Katie Warner and Meg Whalen (I Went to Mass; This is the Church; Fr. Ben Gets Ready for Mass) bring to life for young readers Christ's famous parable of the mustard seed. Through charming illustrations and a beautiful, scriptural storyline, The Tiny Seed reveals the deep truth of our God-given uniqueness and the incredible process your children will undergo as they grow into the person God wants them to be. 

A Note from the Author 

Contrary to our modern culture’s self-esteem movement, which is more rooted in self-love than God-love, I want my children to recognize that they are great, important, and strong precisely because they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139), and their unique identity, rooted in Him, is to be cherished, celebrated, and shared. 

This comforting, inspiring book will help you and your children marvel at the ways in which God has made them special, as they grow to uncover how they will use these gifts to share His goodness, truth, beauty, and love with the world.

I hope readers will love seeing their own stories reflected in the illustrations, relishing the process of God’s love blooming in your own life.

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