Where We Got the Bible (eBook)

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Most Protestants never think twice about using the Bible to attack the Catholic Church. But do they know where the Bible comes from? In Where We Got the Bible, Fr. Henry Graham explains in intimate detail the canons of the Old and New Testaments and how the Catholic Church assembled them through infallible pronouncements, councils, and force of Tradition—something Protestants find hard to grapple with. In addition, this book details the history of the Bible after the assembly of the canon and how the Catholic Church preserved it. Some people do not know that Martin Luther and other Protestants removed books from the Bible. The Catholic Church, however, preserves and maintains the original Scriptures—the very ones Martin Luther grew up learning and studying!

Most of all, Where We Got the Bible is a vindication of the role of the Bible in the Church's life. The Sacred Scriptures are truly the inspired Word of God through the Holy Spirit's action in individual authors across time. However, it takes the Holy Spirit's guidance and inspiration through the action of the Church, assembled in college and under the authority of the Roman Pontiff, to make the determinations about just what really belongs in Scripture. Finally, the force of Sacred Tradition is what binds this together and keeps the orthodox Biblical canons intact throughout the centuries. Learn all this and more in this handy, precise, and short treatise.

Fr. Henry Grey Graham was a priest and author from the 20th century. His works, such as What Faith Really Means and Where We Got the Bible, exhibit his clear and understandable style.

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