You are Never Too Busy: Seeing Your Time the Way God Sees Your Time

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What if you could never be "busy" again?

You always feel busy, with your to-do lists and packed calendars. There are kids' baseball practices, work lunches, sales presentations, home projects, and monthly bills. The list goes on and on and always will.

Upon reflection, you might admit that you take a little pride in how busy you are. This is why the question “How you doing?” is so often answered with the single word “Busy!”

But as author Conor Gallagher says, “Being busy might not be what you think it is. It really means that you are, in a manner of speaking, lost or out of control. It means the world has more power over you than God does.” 

As a free human, you always have time—plenty of time—to do God’s will. The reason you might not see this clearly is the secret sin of modern times; not the sin of pride, or lust, or gluttony, but the oft-overlooked sin of sloth. How ironic it is that the busy person is often really guilty of being slothful!

In this short book, Gallagher, father of fifteen and CEO of TAN Books, will have a lasting impact on you as you hustle and bustle your way through life. His words will calm you and refocus you on your deepest desire: to do God’s will.

Anyone who suffers from the anxiety of a "busy" life needs to read this book. It will show you how the saints were never busy and help you eradicate busyness from your daily life. You will finally discover peace and serenity amidst the chaos of the modern world.

“You are about to begin your journey to total freedom of time. Your time belongs to you and God. No one else. His gift to you is to never be busy again.”

Conor Gallagher