The Foundations of Science: Oceans (Streaming Video)

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The Foundations of Science Video Series

The Foundations of Science introduces children to the wonders of the natural world in light of God’s providential care over creation.

Too often we hear messages that science is in conflict with faith, but Pope St. John Paul II wrote that faith and science “each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish.” Foundations seeks to spawn this flourishing in the hearts and minds of young readers, guiding them into a world that will delight their imaginations and inspire awe in the awesome power of God.

Accompanying the textbook and workbook, this video series seeks to challenge students to think more deeply about the world around them, setting them off on a search to discover God in the hidden corners of His creation. Hosted by Foundations editor Brian Kennelly, each video uses a short review of the chapter’s content as a platform to discuss a host of spiritual topics that reveal the truths of the Catholic Faith.

In Oceans: Mysteries of the Deep, such talks will explore . . .

  • a comparison between the “living water” Jesus offers the Samaritan woman at the well and the “saltwater” the devil offers us, which only leaves our souls thirsty and dehydrated
  • why the saints compared the Virgin Mary to the moon
  • how the small trickle of a stream that becomes a mighty river feeding into the sea can be used as an analogy for the growth of the Church moving through time
  • how underwater currents can be like the pull of temptation
  • how the hidden world beneath the seas is similar to the spiritual world that is hidden all around us
  • and more!

The Foundations of Science video series seeks to reward those who are willing to explore and investigate the wonder and beauty of God’s world, so that we can discover that all things, both big and small, point back to Him.

Brian Kennelly
Publication Date:
April 5th, 2021
Product Format:
Streaming Video

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