Saint Germaine and the Sheep (eBook)

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How can sickness bring about any good? An entertaining story for children, Saint Germaine and the Sheep brings to life a kind and lovable young French maiden who was born with a crippled hand and a skin disease. Despite these infirmities—or rather, because of them—Germaine told stories of the best kind! In fact, her stories relate God's creation of animals with an unwavering faith in His goodness despite hardships. Saint Germaine and the Sheep is a spiritual gem in the realm of children's Catholic classic illustrated books.

Saint Germaine and the Sheep is part of Eva K. Betz’s Saints and Friendly Beasts series, entertaining and educating children of all ages. Every book is fully illustrated and displays Charles Vukovich’s artwork on each page of these stories about the saints. Other priceless books in this series include Saint Martin de Porres and the Mice and Saint Brigid and the Cows.

Ideal for all children, especially those enrolled in TAN Academy in kindergarten through third grades for easy-reading literature.

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