St. Francis de Sales: A Biography of the Gentle Saint (eBook)

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One of the most profoundly influential and deeply inspirational saints in the last five centuries of the Church, St. Francis de Sales is famous for his personality and writings, which have earned him, respectively, the appellation "The Gentleman Saint" and the designation Doctor of the Church. In this substantial and readable biography, Louise Stacpoole-Kenny exposes the life of this remarkable and holy bishop who lived in a region rife with Calvinist heresy during the time of the tumultuous birth of Protestantism.

De Sales’s tempered and gentle yet firm and determined approach to spiritual direction made him a true pearl of great price in the Church’s spiritual patrimony. No one ever mastered the doctoring of souls quite like this gentle Doctor of the Church—as countless saints formed by his legacy will attest. His Marian devotion and dedication to educating the laity by means of modern communication (at that time, leaflets) placed him ahead of his time, and his erudition combined with his sweetness mark him as a highly unusual man in the story of the Church, particularly during his time.

As a testimony to St. Francis's monolithic sanctity, when he was being considered for beatification, 5,000 witnesses testified to his life of heroic virtues and miracles. Even the Calvinist minister of Geneva said of St. Francis de Sales, "If we honored any man as a Saint, I know none more worthy than this man since the days of the Apostles." Let St. Francis de Sales: A Biography of the Gentle Saint ignite in you a grateful and intimate devotion to this saint of the people, as you lean deeper into the story of his most devout life.

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